Project Development and Consulting

Pre-feasibility studies and preparation of investment research,

On behalf of the investor, analyze the execution drawing and deside necessary project revision subjects, in order to support the construction on site and keep records for the as-built project,

Consulting with experts and institutions in charge of service detection and monitoring of resources

Project and Design

Preparation of preliminary design concepts

During the construction period, assist needed revision decisions, follow the implementation, providing rapid support and accurate details for construction activities, archive as-built records and processing these to the main project and If required, preparation of as-built projects,

Preparation of execution projects where Preliminary studies have been completed or the concept-projects are ready, and support of the application process to ensure all projects.

Design Management - Legal Permissions

Preparation of preliminary studies and preliminary budget to be the creation of the project,

Preparation and coordination of execution projects with expert project teams,

Receiving and tracking Building permits on behalf of Investor / Employer.

Tender - Contract Management

Preparation of agreements made ​​between Investor - Contractor companies,

Be kept under control and monitoring of extra work and job changes,

Organizing temporary admission and final acceptance at the end of work for termination of contracts.

Budget and Actual Cost Analysis

Preparation of construction cost budget of Investment,

Detection and evaluation of resources,

Separated in different topics, preparation of the tender offer files,

During tender process, serve the Investor / Client with the analysis, evaluation, and assistance in decisions.

Construction Management

Supervision of selected contractors site practices, control and monitoring

Approval of the quality of materials used and the compliance audit

Preparation and implementation of the master work program, consolidation and analysis Contractors work schedule regarding the main program

Preparation, publication and presentation of weekly and monthly reports of investment activities

Organize and prepare temporary admission to contractors


Shopping center or Office Building projects, where the rental and the tenant of the parties as tenants by the employer, provide  technical assistance,

Adaptation of the project to provide the tenant with the right time and design criteria,

Consolidation and analysis of tenant work programs with the master work program,

Provide the investor support in technical and administrative matters.


According to the needs of the investor, establishment of project design teams, project coordination of the design process, creation of work programs and budgets, ensuring economies of possible projects, implementation phase to organize the work site, management and quality control issues are our main services.




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