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We are organized for the investments of local and overseas entrepreneurs which they would like to realize, not only as from the idea stage, effectuate and finalize the investments but also by playing along with the investors during the operating process to develop projects which is supported with proper and economic choices, keeping the quality process under control and time management, to support secure investments.


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Alper ONMUŞ / civil engineer






welcome to arte-KA

Welcome to arte-KA Project Management, Design & Consulting's web page.

We are so proud of feature in various projects during our professional career and eager to contribute our experience to your investments. As a partner of yours, we are prepared to provide service in accordance with desired goal.


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Civil Aviation Company EA Group, founding partner of the U.S. Eclipse Aerospace which is the manufacturer of 500 Eclipse aircraft in Europe, Russia, Turkey and Middle East
arte-KA Project Management,
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